Homepage that turn visitor into customer

Homepage that turn visitor into customer !

You never get a second chance to make first impression .

Read  how homepage i s important in getting leads and making sales, and making positive impact to  your audience, first impression is evey thing, with  Creative Web Design Company Pakistan you will get second date for sure , Website Designers in Karachi Pakistan Blog

Home page Should welcome to the Customer with good design.

Home Page is the most important page of all your Website, its like a face of your website, for example if you wana talk to a guy but when you see his grumpy face you avoid, when sincere smiling face welcome you, you feel comfortable, same thing apply for your website, even some time by chance you visit some website and end up staying there for so long, Why ?

because you like their homepage and sometime you visit a site but you exit right away because you did not like their design or layout, colors, navigation, content etc,   Web Design Company Pakistan Create a website that people visit once and audience book mark and visit again and again .

Website Designers in Karachi Pakistan, Blog

User Friendly

Navigation should be fun like walking in the garden filled with roses.

Web Design Company In Pakistan Dez Digital believes if your audience don’t find your homepage worth visiting they will exit right away, Design is Very Important, almost 46% of your visitors will judge the credibility of your organization based on the design of your website specially your homepage, if its not done professionally, if its boring and fill with lack of creativity your audience will get bore, you homepage design should be creative, and second thing it should be user friendly your audience can find info right away what they wants, they should not feel going they are taking extra efforts to find the require info, navigation should be fun like walking in the garden filled with roses, and that;s what customer feels when you have user friendly website .

Website Designers in Karachi Pakistan, Blog

Ecommerce Home Page

E-commerce store is all about selling

Your homepage should be professional design, with clear crystal info and if its a online store, it should highlight your main product and grab your audience attention right away, that’s make them intact and interested in your products.

E-commerce store is all about selling , its all about conversion, E-commerce Homepage should high light your main products and never ignore others products as well, they should be there as unique way that that’s make them appealing, if your potential customers can not find the products, picture or links clearly you have NO SALE because the first law of e-commerce states: “if the customer can’t find the product or service, the customer can not buy the product or service”

Your product or service should be highlighted in unique way in your homepage, that’s excite them to Click Call or Buy, Short And Sweet,Your Homepage should be to the point, clear and crystal your head line should be Short and Sweet and remember picture are worth thousand words, use images that relate to the customers in fun and exciting way and you use humor in a decent way your customer will like it, good Ecommerce Website Design and Development Company main job is to create a design that easy to navigate and turn visor into customer .

Website Designers in Karachi Pakistan, Blog


There’s no need to write a novel. Kiss – Keep it simple

Kiss – Keep it simple silly, Keep your headline simple and clear, right away your visitor know what you are offering, make it in few words but crystal clear and through the point, no technical jargon, no story just few words make it crystal clear and through the point, no technical jargon, no story just few words that people understand easily .
Remember nobody has a time to read endless long text story, no matter how good it is,but if its too long people will get bored so keep it Kiss .

Great headline should be very clear crystal, amazing entertaining and worth sharing in social media, just a few words of clever content that spark reader interest and even awake lazy reader like me ,  Web Design Company Pakistan Dez Digital always check the content of the website very clearly and if find not good enough we always tell the clients and help them improve the content of the website . 

Website Designers in Karachi Pakistan, Blog


 Your sub-headline should supplement the headline, by offering a brief description of what you do or what you offer, don’t use small text, keep in mind of mobile reader they can not
read clearly small text Make your headlines and sub-headlines at least 22 px, and body copy at least 14 px.

  Clever Example of call to action

Uber has a catchy CTAs on their homepage

“Become a Driver” for potential drivers, and “Sign Up” for potential riders. Notice how starkly the bright blue CTAs contrast with the dark background, amazing example of using Calls-to-Action.

Good  and creative Calls-to-Action is a difference between visiotr and customer .

Website Designers in Karachi Pakistan, Blog

Supporting Image

Make your visual WOW

Reader love Visuals, Web Design Company in Pakistan always use amazing imges that wow,  if your website has a great pictures, then nobody can stop them coming back to you, Good Graphic Design Company always add interesting image or short video that clearly show what you offering, and if you can do it with humor, then you win the readers, make sure use pictures that capture emotion and lead them into action, use Cool pictures make your visual  wow .

Website Designers in Karachi Pakistan, Blog


Use the words that slide into their Brain and Aims for their Hearts

You spend enough time to tell what you do, that’s good but don’t forget whats the benefits of the reader to use your products of service, connects the dots and tell clearly whats reader advantage, when thy use your products or services, and select the words that’s not only your potential customers understand. but use the words that slide into their Brain and Aims for their Hearts to get them into Action, if you can not write words with creativity hire a Content Writer and let them play with words .

Website Designers in Karachi Pakistan, Blog

Social Proof

Power Of Social Proof

Ok , you have a good product your service is good, and so on …. that’s almost every business says
or claim, it would be very helpful to making visitor into customers, if you use Social Proof that what others people are saying about your products, or services and include social media links that they can click to see and verify …

See how Codecademy  use the Social Proof that’s makes easy for viewers to trust and lead them into future customers, or frequent visitor to that site, its ok if vistor don’t become your customer right away if you turn them into visitor that’s great, and when ever they wants your product or service, they will know your name and hopefully Click .

Website Designers in Karachi Pakistan, Blog


The design and content in your homepage navigation are very important, creativity, content and images are important, as well but for me the most important is that what the customer wants they get that information right away easily, with out scrolling all slide bar and going here and there, remember MacDonald slogan use to be what you want what you get, if they can’t find information with in few seconds,then they are on your competitor website right away keep that in mind .

Content Offer

 Use your Homepage to generate more leads, by using great content offer e-book, guide, whitepaper,
remember not every one is ready to buy your product or your services right away, by offering content
offer, you are giving them chance to read more for what they are interested if you keep spark the interest intact, your half job is already done .


Secondary Calls-to-Action

Second chance to Sell

Include Secondary Calls-to-Action on your homepage, to offer another conversion opportunities for visitor who aren’t interested in your primary Calls-to-Action offer .

Secondary Calls-to-Action may work for potential customers who are not ready for long term commitment, or your first offer is expensive for them and when they scroll and see your second offer …
and think yes .. i may afford that .. so using Secondary Calls-to-Action is like you have second chance to sell .

Website Designers in Karachi Pakistan, Blog


 Most vistore wants more information, before they buy or make commitment they wants good solid information, its not like they come to your site and click click buy buy, until unless they use their parents credit card, in reality they wants info, then when they digest that info, then they are more likely to say yes .. i am ready, here is my credit card number …

By offering Resources more info to your website and when they find the answer to their question they are looking for its more likely they will click you rather then your competitor when they wants to make purchase or make a commitment .

Don't Forget to Optimize For Mobile

Thanks God I work in Online Marketing

 When your website is done never ignore Search Engine Optimization and hire Affordable seo services for Small Businesses Company and make sure your website is Optimize For Mobile, otherwise all the hard work you have done for planing writing good content will vanish.
Everyday, more and more people use their smart phones and tablets to access content on the web, shop
socialize, and play games.
this trend shows no signs of abating and pressure is mounting on traditional website owners to make
their resources available for users on the go.

be sure that your website is fully optimized for mobile, mobile-friendly websites rank better for Seo, making your homepage mobile-friendly includes optimizing your headlines, sub-headlines, and body text copy, your images, and more optimizing your site is the most important part of your over all strategy and if you need Seo help  we love to help you Our striking mobile web design and fast load times and your business is sure to impress potential customers who visit your site on their mobile devices .

Website Designers in Karachi Pakistan, Blog

 Home where all the love is and Home page where all the Links

Make sure and turn those links into sharing links, that’s your customers likes share and love, and use
images, pictures are worth thousand words, Some time it takes hours to write a good content that your customer understand but it take only one good image gets job done, use good images..
Don’t forget to Calls-to-Action, this is where all the magic happen, this is where your visitor turn into customer, and make sure your homepage your website use all the tags properly specially title tags meta description etc.. most of the time the difference between visitor and a customer depend upon on Creative Web Design and Good Seo .

We are a  Creative Web Design Company Pakistan Creating Outstanding Website Design & Digital Marketing Services in Karachi, Pakistan, Usa, Uk, Canada, Dubai, Australia & All Over The Globe .
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